What I have learned: Any online project, artefact or idea can never be complete, but developed into a trajectory to become greater. After the process of ideating and prototyping my idea, it has come to terms that I was never 100% satisfied with my artefact. This was due upon the desire of wanting to exceed... Continue Reading →


Manufacture of Ignorance

The study of ignorance has spread in many aspects to which it does not carry one meaning and method. Science Historian Robert Procter, created the term 'Agnotology' to be the study of the many induced sides of ignorance and cultural doubt. Procter focused on the example of cigarettes being the main societal controversy within 1979,... Continue Reading →

Online Presence 2 (Prototype)

"Prototyping is an experimental model of an idea, a way to give our idea a presence that we can put in front of someone else, to see if our idea has a value" - Mariam Shaikh, 'Google for Euntrapunears'   This quote has perfectly illustrated the current situation we have, through the process of prototyping. The situation... Continue Reading →

Global Film Industries: Korean Cinema

Ryoo, W (2009), 'Globalisation, or the Logic of Cultural Hybridization: the Case of the Korean Wave', Asian Journal of Communication, vol 19, no.2 pp. 137-151 Studied 'Korean film and Globalisation' Professor Woogjae Ryoo highlights the major influence of globalisation and hybridization having on South-Korean culture within his article. It all began during the 20th Century... Continue Reading →

Internationalising Higher Education

Knight, J. Altbach, P (2007) 'The Internationalization of Higher Education: Motivations and Realities', Journal of Studies in International Studies, pp. 6-40. [accessed on 22 Aug 2018] Professors Phillip Altbach and Jane Knight from 'The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - the University of Toronto' have demonstrated the motivations and realities of education, in terms... Continue Reading →

Globalisation, Media Flows and Saturation Coverage

O’Shaughnessy, M and Stadler, J (2008) ‘Globalisation’, Media and Society (fifth edition) Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 458-471 The article by Michael O'Shaughnessy is a relevant source, compatible with the study of week 2's topic 'globalisation'. It studies the timeline of globalisation from the 19th century, in reference to the ongoing change of technology and... Continue Reading →

Ideating: @KurrentSpill

THE PROCESS Where to start? Before I circulated thoughts about my digital artefact, my friend Darcie and I have shared an interest in a reality TV show, that is most commonly knowing as 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. Okay yes, the family is controversial, yes, the majority of the world either hates or love them... Continue Reading →

Digital Medicine / Personal Devices

From the moment I was born to the present time of the 21st Century, technology has developed exponentially. It has grown to the point where individuals can have the ability to monitor or access medical information through 'online' personal devices. Despite the ease and convenience within the method, it has brought upon many dystopian and... Continue Reading →


Privacy Privacy is the right for individuals to disclose personal or known information. Over time, it has developed into a moral and ethical issue which companies, individual and organisation have been taking advantage of. Ethics surrounding privacy has been the result of legislation and public ramification. Ethical Issues to be Aware of... Ethical issues are... Continue Reading →

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