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Hi, I’m Vanessa! 18 years old and realising that talking about myself isn’t something I would throw on my bucket list. Yet, I still want you to know a little about me before I toss my thoughts via blogs at you:

  • Australian born, Filipino raised (Family of five – 2 younger brothers – woo!)
  • Yes, my last name is Lingal – the reasoning behind my blog name and the ‘things’ I’ll be blogging
  • Massive doggo lover – From the day I could remember, I would always ask the cute fairy at every child-hood party to paint my face as a dog, and wouldn’t leave until I had a pair of ears and cute a button nose painted on. (btw follow @boltnfriends for live updates of the cutest ones)
  • Living life being in a relationship with God #lvingbarry
  • Have attempted to dye my hair platinum resulting in red (like how?)
  • Achievements in life: Completed the whole Gilmore Girls series (Old & New) in (no kidding) 3 weeks – yes I do have a life
  • Love to travel – but being a uni student with currently no job, I don’t think that would be anytime soon lel
  • First-year Uni student studying the Bachelor of Communication and Media (Marketing and Advertisement) @UOW

Have a passion for people and the everyday matters within underprivileged countries – is one of the many reasons that have encouraged me to study this course, and understand the true ways I can communicate my perspectives through social media and other sources

Wanting this blog to show my passions, my thoughts and my horrible sense of humour

Welcome to The Ling T(h)ing





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